Jerry C Blanchard


About Jerry

Jerry Blanchard is a life long craftsman and artisan whose skills began in wood working and machining metal parts.  In time, Jerry saw how these skills translated into jewelry and fabricated objects d’ art.  Thus began the pursuit of traditional hand engraving, jewelry and metalsmithing.

Always a champion of education, Jerry believes in sharing his knowledge to keep these time honored skills alive by encouraging his students to read, research, and strive for an aesthetic that is both perfect and beautiful.  Jerry teaches short courses in hand engraving, tool making and metalsmithing at Monterey Peninsula College.   His students acquire the skills needed to build a foundation in tool making and metalsmithing.  With these techniques they are able to create their own jewelry and metal art by using the tools they fabricate.

As a prolific artisan, Jerry is always working on multiple projects and will often have something on hand to share….  Everything from hammers, mokume gane jewelry as well as beautiful raised bowls.  With an excellent reputation as a craftsman, Jerry is well known in Pebble Beach, Carmel and the greater Monterey Bay area.  He’s an expert in exquisite, traditional hand engraved jewelry, silverware, awards, and antique restoration.




This website was created by Mary, shown here setting a ruby at my workbench. Mary is a fine artist, jeweler, enamelist, dancer, and computer expert. My knowledge of computers is limited, and Mary has made it possible for me to have the website and to continue to put new photos in it. Mary takes most of the photos of my work.


3 comments on “About Jerry

  1. liquid sands design
    July 10, 2012

    Jerry is a genuine gentle man, a person you are always happy and better off for meeting and knowing, he is the ultimate craftsperson and an exquisite crafter, his works are truly made with love and the joy and respect for materials that come with decades of handwork that has no other equal other than the time put in , to learn, understand, know , and appreciate the , materials, techniques, and form of art. I am fortunate to wear one of Jerrys incredible solid sterling , hand engraved gorgeous buckles that I wear every day of my life. Anyone who has the good fortune to be able to study with this unique and beautiful man has truly met a great opportunity in life. Bravo Jerry, love your work and your sweet sprit, Brendan W.

  2. Anonymous
    January 15, 2016

    I had a dear friend gift me a beautiful belt buckle of solid sterling Jerry made, and I always feels terrible and nakid the few days of my life I don’t ever wear it, ( like when I’m in florida wearing shorts) , but that is the impact of having a piece of Jerrys work, it means alot to you, just to have it in your life, and it will be hopefully passed to someone with the love of artisanship as i have after I’m gone. love you Jerry, your the consummate , integral craftsman artist.

  3. Howard Tanner
    March 12, 2017

    Jerry was my shop teacher in 68 that class taught me how to fashion a hunting knife out of a spring and a deer antler. Great teach and class!

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